E-Mail and Net-iquette

These are the (mostly) unwritten rules of using the internet. Failure to follow these rules may get you hated, hounded or hunted. There are so many, I didn't know how to organize this page, so pay attention to the headlines and know the general guidelines to all the rules.

Most of these rules have to do with e-mail, as this is the most common way to communicate over the web. Keep in mind that this applies when making pages as well. What you post can be seen by anyone, anywhere, and it all can be traced back to you. Never print, publish or even e-mail something you wouldn't want your grandmother, neighbors, parents and future employer to know about.

E-Mail, Instant Messages and Chatting
Your Web Pages
So, do you get the picture of how things should be online? I hope so. It won't be long until you're making pages of your own. Let's move to the next lesson.

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