End What You Begin

Section 1 - Introduction
      End what you begin
      Parts of a webpage
Section 2 - Basics
Section 3 - Next Level
Section 4 - Advanced
Section 5 - Publishing
Section 6 - Extras
Back to our jumping computer analogy.
If you could tell the computer to jump, it would keep jumping until it crashed. To get a computer to stop jumping, you'd need another command - another tag. Here's how to tell the computer to stop jumping:
The slash means stop, so this command is easy to understand too. Every command you start, you must tell the computer to stop. That slash is a powerful tool.

So far you have learned one HTML tag.
As you might have guessed, you would put this at the beginning of a document to tell the computer what language you'll be speaking. Similarly, you'll need to tell it to stop at the end of the document. The command is simple.
Let's put those together. If you were going to make an HTML document using the only two codes you know, it would look something like this:


Believe it or not, that's a webpage! It doesn't actually do anything yet, but you told the computer to read HTML and then to stop reading HTML. Pretty neat for your second lesson.
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