HTML Homeroom Disclosure Statement

Homeroom is a pass/fail course designed to give students opportunities to learn HTML programming and a time and place to improve their reading. Students may also use their time for homework, but minimum requirements will need to be achieved. Students without assignments to complete will be required to read. Homeroom is not the place for catching up on gossip or sleep, and students who abuse the time will be penalized.

The grade for homeroom will be based on attendance and participation. Each student is required to earn all points each quarter to receive a passing grade. Points may be earned in four areas: daily participation, pages read (AR tests, book reports, or English assignments), weekly bonus points, and the final project. Each day of on-time attendance will earn 10 points. Every class week (5 days) in which a student earns the maximum number of points, he/she will be awarded 20 bonus points at the end of the fifth day. Students will also earn 1point for every 2 pages they read and document. The final project is worth 100 points.

Students who complete these requirements will be eligible for classroom quarterly and yearly prizes and activities. Students who fail to meet these requirements will not pass, and will also not be eligible for prizes and activities.

Citizenship is based on punctuality and participation. Students who do not participate appropriately or who have unexcused tardies will not earn daily participation points. Excessive tardies will receive additional penalties, which may include detention, parent notification, or school referral.

As part of this class, students will be using the internet as part of an independent study of HTML programming. Students must have parental permission to be on the internet. The form signed at the beginning of the year is sufficient. Also, I need to know whether the student has permission to use or set up an e-mail account & publish their pages on the net.

If you have any questions contact me by phone at 412-2150 or via email at My email address may also be accessed directly from power school at

I understand and agree to the terms of this disclosure statement.

Student Name____________________________________________________________

Student Signature _________________________________________________________

Parent Signature__________________________________________________________

Parents, please initial:
My child has, or has permission to get an e-mail account Yes ________ No _______
My child has permission to publish web pages online Yes ________ No _______
Please return to Miss Lowe, Room 205.
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